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Metal roofing has replaced all types of roofing materials effortlessly. Their presence can be seen in residential and commercial roofs and walls. If you are planning to construct your new roof or change your existing roof, you should definitely consider choosing a metal tile roof.

People who have installed metal tile roof are very happy with the results. The demand for a metal tile roof is ever increasing with time because of the benefits it comes along. If you are seeking for metal roof contractors who can inspect your roof and then give you the best option, you can opt for USA Metal Roof Contractor of Fort Lauderdale in the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We provide metal roof installation and related services for over a decade. So, we’re someone you can trust.

What is a metal tile roof?

A metal tile roof is built with the help of specific metals and tiles. Metal tile roof is designed as a much better alternative to old traditional style Mediterranean clay and concrete tiles, asphalt shingles, etc.

The tile component in it is made out of roll-formed and stamped 26-gauge high-grade galvalume steel or 0.032’’ aluminum coated with a protective layer of pretreatment. Then it is primed and coated with Kynar 500 topcoats. Kynar 500 is the most durable and preferred topcoat in the roofing industry. 

A minimum requirement of the slope is 3:12 for stable metal tile roof installation. The number of panels on any roof can be minimized by running single panels all the way from the ridge of the roof down the eaves. This will assist in reducing the no. of overlapping seams.

Metal Tile Roof-USA Metal Roof Contractors of Fort Lauderdale

What are the different types of metal tile roofs that are used in the market?

Matterhorn tile– in the west; it is also referred to as presidio tile. This tile a beautiful and classic elegance of Italian clay tiles. To bring the allure of clay into permanent roofing materials like these, great efforts were taken. Matterhorn tiles are made in an interlocking pattern, which provides resistance from hurricanes. Matterhorn tiles serve a good application on solid deck areas. They are a good choice for low slope roofs 3:12’’.

Sapphire European tiles – using a custom cut–to–length material, provide the elegant beauty of European tiles. They are made of tough 26-gauge steel and are baked on Sylar/ Kynar paint finish. They carry 35-year paint, fade away warranty. They can be installed directly to the roof deck or require wooden batten support over solid decking.

Roser Cleo tile – they have an appearance of rugged roman barrel tile. They are budget-friendly, stone coated steel roofs. 26-gauge steel is used along with a corrosion-free zinc-aluminum protective layer, which ensures longevity and security. They carry a 50-year warranty, which covers manufacturing defects and damage from hail and 120 mph wind.

Decra villa – it is a very classy metal tile roofing. It has hidden fasteners that provide high-quality, proven performance. Vented airspace is featured, which will provide insulation and reduces the utility cost. It suits well for residential applications and can also be installed on commercial buildings like churches. The finishing is done with a ceramic coated stone granule.

Barrel vault – this type of metal tile roof provides very long protection to your roof, with beautifully designed styles. It is crafted to accentuate from any view. Each shingle is about 14’’high. It includes tight-fitting tops and slide flanges. It can be installed on a solid roof deck directly or with the help of wood battens.

Pacific tile – it is an advanced form of metal tile roofing. Each shingle is nearly 16’’ in length and 52’’ wide. This tile roof has a beautiful Mediterranean flair.

Decra tile – it is less expensive as compared to decra villa. It provides a refined look along with scalloped barrels. It represents timeless Italian designs and has immense longevity, resistance, and versatility.

What are the benefits of metal tile roofs?

Longevity and economics – a metal tile roof will last much longer than an asphalt roof or clay roof. Though they can be expensive during installation, they prove beneficial and economical later on. In the long run, you’ll be saving decent money.

Weathering performance – metal is the strongest and most durable material to be used for roofing purposes. Metal tile roofs are sturdy and strong. They will protect your building from hails, hurricanes, winds, ice, and extreme cold and heat. 

Environment-friendly – the metal tile roofs made of zinc and aluminum are 100% recyclable. The benefit of the environment as waste production decreases tremendously.

At USA Metal Roof Contractor of Fort Lauderdale, you will get a huge variety and designs in a metal tile roof. These roofs will beautify your house in a way you have not imagined. The curb appeal and the resale value of your place are surely going to increase.

Why is the USA Metal Roof Contractor of Fort Lauderdale the best choice for metal roof installation?

Here, we provide all kinds of metal roof installation, repair, or replacement services at cost-effective prices. We have a customer-centric approach, and all our planning and methodologies are based on that approach. It’s the reason we’re able to deliver the best results.

We have been working in this field for over a decade, and our roofers are well versed and professional in their work. A huge number of services are available for you to choose from. Our representatives can meet you and inspect your roof. This will give you the idea about your roof and help you decide the best possible way for your roof betterment.

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